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Enamel: The hardest matter in your body. The most protective layer over your teeth and because there are no nerves present in your enamel it is not a sensitive layer. Made up of 97% calcium. The enamels form is built up in hexagonal apatite crystals. The calcium will slowly build up and crystalize. The building up process will occur while the baby is stil in the womb. İf the mother does take certain drugs while pregnant then problems can occur and stop the calcium crystals building up. The teeth can also come out grey, yellow or brown, they can sometimes even go missing (hypoplastic).

Dentin: İs the layer under the enamel. Makes up for 75% of every adults teeth. Though it has the same intensity as bone it is alot more sensitive. İt is also able to regenerate and repair itself. Most of the mass in your teeth is formed by dentin. Dentin is a live mineral which is made up of 70% mineral salts, 20% organic matter and 10% water. There a alot of canals in dentin. The canals in the dentin hold the tooths nerves. The cells that make up dentin are called “Odontoblast”. The canals in dentins size in millimetres squared are around 10,000. İf tooth decay does occur and pass through the dentin then severe pain will occur.

Pulp: İs the name given to the centre of the tooth where all of the soft tissue is found. The pulp is visible all the way down to the root of the tooth and is joint with nerves that continue into our blood blood system and should be protected because it could result in a blood infection. There is also alot of active nevre cells within the pulp that result in hot and cold sensitivity. Dentin is a little room formed by the dentin to store nerves and cells. Dentin is wrapped around the pulp and is very sensitive to decay. These cells are alot more present and sensitive while you are younger.

Cementum: İs a layer that surrounds the root of the tooth which is made up of bone and is very thin. Cementum helps the tooth attach to the jaw bone. 65% of it is made up of inorganic matter. Sometimes too much cementum can build up on the roots of a tooth. Which is called “Hypercementosis”.