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The enemy of your gums and teeth, bacterial plaque, is a layer of sticky bacteria that sticks to your tooth and causes decay. When bacterial plaque does reach your gums it can result in loss of your tooth and other severe periodontal disease. The best way to fight bacterial plaque is by brushing your teeth well.

Before you brush your teeth open your mouth and place your toothbrush inside in a 45 degree angle. Move your brush starting from your gums up towards the tip of your teeth to lift of any bacterial plaque. These motions should be repeated 5 times in each region.

With the inside of your teeth (the side looking toward the tongue) you should also place the toothbrush in your mouth in a 45 degree angle and upward and downward motions should be repeated atleast 5 times to each region.

With your incisors (front teeth) if you hold your brush up straight it will be more effective.

And last but not least your chewing surfaces. They must be brushed with back and forth motions making sure to reach into all of the nooks and crannies. Once your chewing surfaces are brushed the only thing that is left to clean is the gaps between your teeth which a toothbrush will not be able to do. For this you will need to use dental floss.