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Teeth hold a very significant role in human relations and as the days go by alot more importance is being put into the aestheticness of a perfect smile. Having a big set of pearly whites helps give your self-confidence a major boost! Having yellow, rotten teeth is not a good trait and it would play a major part on your self esteem if you did. Nobody wants to feel emparessed to smile. By slightly removing the top layer of your tooth and then being stuck on, with laminate veneers your tooth can be re-shaped and whiter. One of the many preventive treatments applied in dentistry and is a great cosmetic solution. There are two types of laminate veneers, “composite laminates” and “ceramic laminate veneers”.

  • When repairing broken teeth.
  • The repair of worn teeth.
  • When the tooth is extremely discoloured the outcome of heavy antibiotic tooth whitening is not positive.
  • When fixing old and discoloured fillings.
  • When correcting the alignment of the incisors


When applying composite laminates only a slight layer of the enamel is removed, in some cases not getting removed at all. Then composite filling, in a shape similar to the natural tooth is applied. Once applied the filling will firmly support the tooth and prevent it from breaking. İn addition to this it will also not allow heat to pass through.

The advantages of chosing to undergo composite laminate treatment instead of porcelain laminates are that composite laminates are alot more economic and can be treated in one sitting. İt will not feel as natural as a porcelain veneer though. Another disadvantage is that drinks such as tea and coffee, even ciggarettes can severely affect the colour of the composite material. The lifespan of composite veneers depend entirely on the oral hygiene of the patient and if not looked after then prepare to face major problems. Composites are not just for fillings but can also be used cosmetically and to enhance the colour of your teeth.

While your tooths natural structure is intact the best way to get desired aesthetic teeth are by using laminate veneers. Ceramic laminate veneers are applied by removing a slight amount of the tooths enamel and sticking the 0.3 – 0.7 mm thick ceramic plates on. İt is a very safe procedure because only a touch of the tooths enamel is removed. İt will take roughly 3 – 4 days for the laminate veneers to be produced in a dental laboratory but you will not realise they are artificial and will be smiling comfortably.

Laminate veneers must be made in accordance with your gums and it is important that you take very special care of your veneers. You will need to brush your teeth atleast twice a day and clean thoroughly with dental floss. The slightest infection of your gums must be treated immediately and the patient must get checked up every 3 or 6 months.