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Suffering a direct or indirect blow to your teeth or gums can result in severe injury and dental problems. The result of trauma to the your teeth can result in displacement or fractures. İt is important in the event of an emergency that you are educated and trained on the measures that must be taken to intervene future problems.

Dentists are frequently faced with trauma and broken incisors (front teeth).

Children could fall while riding a bike, playing in school or while theyre running and suffer a blow to their teeth. Depending on severity of the damage, if light, can damage the soft tissue and gums. But if a full blow is taken it could result in loss of teeth, teeth broken from the roots and so on.

The time required to g oto a dentist should not exceed 2 hours and the tooth should NOT be placed in a dry place like a napkin. When the patient has reached the dentist, if he or she feels necassary, will take an x-ray because detecting problems like broken roots are important. After the x-ray the dentist will treat the problem by using root canal treatment or however he or she feels necassary.

İf the surrounding tissues are healthy than the lose, swinging teeth are conjoined with the help of a wire to aid healing. The most important is bringing your tooth to the dentist on time when it is lost due to trauma and cleaned thoroughly and placed back in its place again with the help of a wire and the surrounding healthy teeth. İn most situations like this, root canal treatment is undergone and if the child is careful not to put pressure on the tooth, than after 1 or 2 months the tooth should be back to its normal health.


Mouthguards are appliances usually used in sports like basketball and volleyball where chances of trauma especially to the incisors are frequent. Mouthguards are used to protect the user from broken teeth or lost teeth due to a blow. Mouthguards have been around and used in sports since 1920. They are made of 3mm plastic especially to cover the incisors.

They can be made in multiple colour combinations for kids to ensue interest in them, or you can also buy them in a transparent clear.