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Grinding your teeth severely while sleeping is called bruxism.

What are the reasons for bruxism?

There are many reasons teeth are ground. Stress, the arrangement in your teeth and crooked teeth are the main reasons.

Problems faced from grinding your teeth:
  • Your teeth wearing out
  • The withdrawal of your gums, which will result in loose swinging teeth down the track
  • After your teeth start wearing out the restorations you have made will also break
  • Once your teeth start wearing out your teeth will become more sensitive, to cold especially
  • Bad pains in your jaw because of the extensive pressure being put on it. Jaw could also start clicking
  • When you wake up in the morning with your temples in pain and painful cheek muscles will be seen

Treatments for bruxism:
  • First if your upper and lower teeth are clashing then that must be treated
  • Teeth that are worn out will be restored
  • Muscle relaxants can be used
  • Mouth guards can be made for while you sleep to reduce the pressure and stop your teeth from clashing and grinding