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A childs behaviour is usually a reflection of their families actions, be it their mother, father or other relatives. That is why it is necessary to be a good role model. For example it is always best to brush your teeth with your children instead of telling them to brush their teeth on their own. The more they see you brushing your teeth the more habitual it will become them.

The majority of children are generally reluctant to brushing their teeth. So how do you teach a child to enjoy brushing their teeth? One of the best methods to teach your child is to organise a set time day and night or directly after a meals. İf this method is strictly adhered to then it will in time become a habit. Without forcing them and making fun games out of it. Motivating them by playing fun games like “fighting the bacteria” and using a 3 minute hourglass to further intrigue them. Singing a song while teaching them to brush, buying a toothbrush and toothpaste with their favourite superhero is also very affective. İt is also necessary to teach them not to use an excessive amout of toothpaste and accidentally swallow. The earlier the child learns the right techniques to brushing their teeth and general oral hygiene the brighter their future dental health will be. The chances of the child facing problems like tooth decay will drop dramatically. The moment the childs first teeth appear, between the 6 – 8th month, cleaning has to start immediately. More importance has to be given to the teeth they are using to chew and it is a mother and fathers job to check up on their childs teeth after every meal.

Taking the time to care for your child will support his learning and develop important skills on responsibility and being independant.


  • Take the time to brush your teeth together! Watching you will motivate your kids as your actions affect them and motivate them too.
  • Let them try to brush their teeth by themselves first, then show them examples.
  • Buy them toothbrushes with their favourite superheroes to speed up the process.
  • Have them brush their baby dolls or other toys teeth, that way they will see that everyone has to brush their teeth.
  • After they have eaten sweets show them the built up sugar on their teeth with a mirror. Once they have brushed their teeth show them the difference.
  • You must teach your kids not only how to brush their teeth but to maintain a healthy diet and not eat too many sweets, chips and chocolates.
  • Surprise them with a present or congragulate them after they brush their teeth.