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One of the most significant diseases in dentistry today is tooth decay. The oral environment is very rich in bacteria that will multiply and settle into the grooves of ones tooth and cause decay. The food we eat can easily form a layer that covers the tooths surface and develop bacteria. This is called plaque. This bacteria is formed from the sugar and flour that builds up in our mouth and the acidity it leaves behind. These acids eat away at our tooths enamel and eventually result in tooth decay. Then what dentists call a cavity occurs.

The thickness of the enamel and dentin of baby teeth are half that of permanent teeth. Baby teeth also contain more organic matter which is why they tend to decay easier.

Children also dont take care of their teeth as well as adults. For a small child especially, the molar teeth are alot harder to clean. Parents have to take up the job to teach their children how to brush their teeth, eat a healthier diet, make everything a habit and prevent tooth decay. Children in their younger months can go without realising hot and cold rushes in sensitivity in the teeth and will only feel pain when severe pain occurs, which by then it willl be too late.


İt is just as important for babies to have a full set of teeth than it is for adults to. When baby teeth are not treated they can lead to severe problems in the future.

Dont make the mistake by brushing it off and saying “its gonna be replaced by another one anyway”. İf the baby tooth has a cavitiy then it must be filled, the same goes for rooth canal treatment.

Fillings used on baby teeth are called “compomer fillings”. Compomer fillings are only suitable for baby teeth because they have high fluoride releasing prospects. Baby teeth also undergo a different type of root canal treatment that depend on the level of impact the tooths pulp has seen.

Amputation, is a popular treatment method of baby teeth and is undergone when the bacteria has reached the nerves and vessels.

By doing this you are distancing the blood vessels and nerves and helping the tooth stay in a healthy manner.

Once amputation is finished a filling or a stainless steel crown can be applied.

Once vitality of the tooth is lost problems like pain and swelling will be alot more
reoccurunt. The tooths vitality can be lost by dental trauma or from the treatment of decayed root canals. İnfections on baby teeth are just as visible as permanent teeth and changes of colour or decaying teeth are a sign of infection. Antibiotics may be necessary pre-treatment. Depending on the state of the tooth either root canal treatment or extraction will be applied after local aneasthetics are used to numb the child to prevent them from feeling pain. Under local anaesthesia your child should not feel pain.

İf the infection of the baby teeth is affecting or putting the permanent teeth in risk then the tooth can be extracted. İn this case a space maintainer must be applied (fixed or mobile).

When deciding to extract the tooth a x-ray must be taken and analysed to see if the extraction of the tooth will affect the permanent tooth in any way.

As a permanent tooth rises it melts the baby tooths roots. İf the baby tooth does get lost early then it will result in the neighbouring teeth to slowly slide off path and congest the rising permanent tooth. Neighbouring teeth willl also end up crooked because of the congestion.

Preventive orthodontic treatment for children with jaw growth failure must be undertaken within the ages of 6 – 12. Children that undergo treatment past the ages of 12 are usually faced by a much more lengthy and costly treatment.

Artificial teeth could never replace the comfort of natural teeth. İf necessary treatment isnt undertaken and baby teeth are extracted, it will increase the chances of heavy treatment and tooth loss later in their adult life. By extracted baby teeth early you are ruining the natural balance. You should have your teeth treated as soon as you see the early signs of decay.