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Tooth decay is a problem frequently encountered in younger children and is a probelm that is solved by regular brushing of the teeth and looking after your oral hygiene. İn addition to this there are also other factors that help boost dental hygiene. One of those is Cheese and cheese is seen to be a miracle worker.

High in energy, protein, rich in calcium and B2 vitamins. Digested easier than milk, and the fat content varies depending on the type. Also of great importance in the human body is phosphorus. Close to 75 – 80 percent of the phosphorus in the body goes directly to the bones and teeth. Milk especially is rich in phosphorus, meaning cheese is also a good source of the mineral. Phosphorus, along with calcium work together to maintain healthy bones and teeth which is why cheese is a very good choice.

Cheese provides multiple benfefits. For one, it will help balance the PH levels in your mouth and guard your teeth from decay. Before or after a meal eating cheese will increase saliva production and break down the food and sugar residue that causes plaque and decay. İt will also help neutralise food high in acidity. Saliva produced will help to wash away any residue stuck to teeth. İnstead of having to cut out foods high in sugar and acid completely it would be beter to consume them within your 3 main courses.

According to studies, eating a piece of cheese can create a protective layer over the tooths enamel and fight against the acidity which causes tooth decay. The problem also is that the foods that are most likely to stick to the teeth and cause tooth decay are within hands reach, like sweets, chocolates and biscuits. İf it is not posible to brush your teeth after eating then it is recommended to gargle or drink a glass of water, what is also important after eating sweets especially is to eat a peice of cheese to fight tooth decay. To benefit from the effects you dont need a handfull of cheese, a piece the size of a sugar cube will do!

There are alot of foods apart from cheese that have great effects in fighting decay and aiding overall oral hygiene, whether it be neutralizing the PH levels in your mouth, to helping produce saliva. For example green tea, greek yoghurt, kiwi, parsley, apples, strawberries, celery etc. They are foods that along with frequent brushing and flossing of the teeth help to create great overall oral hygiene. Oral and dental health programs in some countries lack in educating kids from a young age that oral hygiene is important, that and the fast food industry producing more and more sugary products that aid in causing decay which kids then take on with them til they are adults and pass down from generation to generation.